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“A formidable array of talented authors such as Garton, Norris, Garber and Morgan, each lures the imagination with a spine tingling, nerve searing splendor. On a very primal, innate level we’re engaged to discover what happens next, ripping through each unsettling tale after the next…Grey Matter Press delivers with a delightfully disturbing anthology that will render you speechless. I can honestly say as a fan of horror for some thirty plus years I have never read anything quite like this anthology and regret not a moment of it.”

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Mary Genevieve Fortier


“Screams terror in degrees you’ve never thought you’d read in print; at least not in a single anthology! These stories take you to the very precipice of your comfort level and without mercy, push you over the edge!”

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C.M. Saunders

Morpheus Tales

“A growing band of horror fans believe that the purpose of this much-maligned genre is to push boundaries, if not smash them down with a sturdy axe. And this collection endeavours to do just that, exploring such controversial themes as religious fanaticism, physical and mental abuse, societal corruption and good old-fashioned serial killers.”

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Alicia Banks

Horror News Network

“The stories in SPLATTERLANDS reinvent splatterpunk by adding the thing it once lacked…meat. Pun intended. These are well written works with interesting characters and PLOTS. A few were tough for me to get through because of the subject matter, but the writing itself kept me reading, even when I wanted to turn my head away in horror.”

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Adrean Messmer


“Of all the horror subgenres, Splatterpunk is, without a doubt, my favorite. On the surface, Splatterpunk is exactly what Jack Chick would have you believe all horror is—empty, depraved ultraviolence. Even the naming of the genre was a sort of joke.

But, it’s not all just hollow bloodletting. Editors Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson invite the reader to do just that with Splatterlands. They even call it ‘horror with a point.’ And it does have a point. A very sharp, bloodied, grey matter-encrusted point. These people get it.”

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Matthew Scott Baker

Shattered Ravings

“In case you’re new to this sub-genre of horror, ‘splatterpunk’ is defined by Dictionary.com as ‘a form of fiction featuring extremely graphic violence’. Obviously, films and books from this style are not for the faint of heart. But if you can endure it, there are some excellent stories out there that fit this genre. SPLATTERLANDS is a fantastic return to this long-lost art form. Full of gruesome and gut-wrenching stories, this book will haunt you long after you’ve turned the last page.”

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