War of the Worlds: Frontlines

War of the Worlds: Frontlines cover

Deadman’s Tome  (excerpt from Northern Frights Publishing):

“…a solid anthology that delivers content that combines the futuristic, out-of-this world technology of science fiction with the dark, gritty, bleak atmosphere of horror…each and every tale comes across with such potent imagery that even H.G. Wells would agree that it is definitely a collection worth purchasing.”

Amazon  readers said:

“This is a group of well-written interesting stories tied together by the idea of alien invasion. Meant to honor the tradition of Wells’ War of the World, most of the stories in this collection deliver…well worth its purchase price. Hats off to editor JW Schnarr for another entertaining collection.”

“Most of the stories in this book are very good and very enjoyable…an excellent collection of sci-fi short stories that you’ll enjoy.”

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