Interpretations cover

Amy Wilder

Columbia Daily Tribune

Relationships are tricky. They start out giddy and flirtatious, light and fun. If they make it past this first stage, they then require a lot of mutual respect — and work. They’re not easy; this is why fairy tales always gloss over the real story and end when the effort would begin, with “and they lived happily ever after.” Maybe the characters were happy ever after, but they had to compromise and work hard to achieve their happiness.

The artists and writers in Columbia Art League’s Interpretations show skipped right past the heady flirtations and took the plunge. They were wed, sight unseen, gender and names unknown, with CAL Director Diana Moxon presiding — Moxon and a few assistant matchmakers, that is. The majority of these couples met for the first time long after their commitments were made and bonds consummated — at the show’s reception.

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