Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution


“Dis” – Things haven’t been going well for psychologist Tony Weiss. He’s finding it hard to deal with his patients, and his wife, left a quadriplegic after a tragic automobile accident, is little help. And then there are the Hellish dreams that plague him. Tony grows increasingly alarmed as a denizen of Hell slips out of his nightmares and into his waking world. Is this a manifestation of his guilt, or is it his reality? – synopsis courtesy of Grey Matter Press.


The Grotesquerie

The Grotesquerie

“Vegan” – A young mother discovers that you really are what you eat. Literally.



Interpretations cover-page-001 (2)

My poems “Till Death” and “Ragnarök, My Love” appear in this collection of visual and literary art. An interesting exploration of the ways artists interpret one another’s work.


War of the Worlds: Frontlines

war of the worlds

“Tequila Sunset” – It’s last call for humanity as one young woman wakes to find herself utterly, terrifyingly alone. Or is she? Inspired by H.G. Wells’ classic tale, the War of the Worlds: Frontlines anthology presents stories of humanity struggling to survive in the face of an alien onslaught.


  1. I absolutely loved your story in Splatter Lands as I really felt how crazy this man was becoming in this story and I must say that with patients such as his, it is no wonder he went totally bonkers in the end. Can’t wait to be able to read you again soon.
    Sandra Hould

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Sandra! Thank you for your kind words. If you haven’t already, check out Grey Matter’s FLASH MASTERS contest–lots of great stories, including “What Kind of Dead” by yours truly!

  2. I thought that Dis was by far the best story in Splatterlands! The ending left my jaw hanging wide open. So brutal and unexpected. Are you going to continue writing in the realm of splatterpunk? I really hope so, because the genre needs more voices like you who can truly shock.

    • Thanks, Ian! Not sure if I’ll continue on with splatterpunk as a rule, but I’m sure the occasional story will pop up. I am so happy you enjoyed it, though. Gotta be honest–when I wrote “Dis” it left MY jaw hanging open in shock! Thanks again for reading :)

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