The Grotesquerie

Russ ThompsonThe Grotesquerie cover


Contrary to popular belief, women can write horror. And you know what? They’re pretty darn good at it, too.

Such proof exists in The Grotesquerie, an anthology comprised of twenty-two uniquely twisted tales from the dark and macabre minds of a select group of horror authors who just so happen to be women.

Released as an homage to female horror writers in celebration of February’s Women in Horror Month, the collection is a delightfully bloody smorgasbord of terror; every helping is a unique experience that delves deep into the many sub-genres that exist in the wonderful world of horror and, just as the title of the anthology suggests, there is no lack of the grotesque within its 300 or so pages. From the strong opening tale by Michele Garber entitled Vegan (best described as: you are what you eat) to the final dance, Cryptomycology by Vivian Caethe (worst trip ever!), to everything (and I mean everything) in between, The Grotesquerie captivates as much as it chills you to the bone…

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Amazon  review:

“The Grotesquerie is a fine example of how women authors can leave you with chills on your skin and your spine a tingle. Oh, and you better leave a nightlight burning.”

Goodreads  review:

“An excellent, entertaining collection of short horror fiction. I originally picked it up given that a friend has a short story in here (House Call by Rie Sheridan Rose- deliciously and twisted ly creepy), but found myself tearing through the rest of the stories…there wasn’t one story I didn’t enjoy. A must read for horror fans!”

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