About Michele

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First thing you should know about Michele–she doesn’t like third-person biographies. She prefers, or rather I prefer, to speak directly to you, my Fearless Reader!

When I read bios, I often think of the Little Prince, the title character of one of my most favorite books. Grown-ups love figures, and facts, and because I masquerade as an adult much of the time, I can give those to you.

I grew up in northern Indiana, studied psychology for quite a long time and earned degrees with impressive titles, acquiring an equally impressive amount of debt along the way. I also acquired a lovely husband, a cat, and a wonderful extended family, so I guess we can call that even. I live and work on the outskirts of St. Louis, a pretty cool town despite its reputation as “dangerous.” My work can be found in the War of the Worlds: Frontlines anthology by Northern Frights Publishing, Interpretations by Columbia Art League, and in Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution by Grey Matter Press. I’ve written a novel and am searching for an agent to take me on as I write another.

But I’d rather tell you that I prefer tulips to roses most of the time, like falling asleep to the sounds of a gentle rain, and am a cheese junkie. That I love writing and yet sometimes fear it, because it feels not like taking off my clothes, but like taking off my skin, my veins and muscles laid bare for everyone to see. That I routinely look up phrases like “getting your Mac on” to see exactly where the heck it came from, to most people’s amusement. The important stuff, in other words.

And if this isn’t enough of “me” for you, just read my work–you’ll get to know me. That much I can promise you. Thanks for journeying with me, Fearless Reader, through the dark and the light. I hope you enjoy the ride.